"Don't wait till you're not scared- JUMP SCARED!" - Edie Wadsworth


Meet Meghan...

I have written my bio several times, but it always seems like words on a page that add up to nothing. I am a 30-ish yoga teacher, entrepreneur, terrible housekeeper with a bunch of crazy ideas, that likes power tools and glitter. I love puppies, essential oils, sunshine, adventure, junk and have a knack for eclectic decor. I highly value tradition and family history…. such as Alabama football and wearing my grandmother’s heirloom ring everyday. I went to the University of Alabama, just like majority of my family and treasure the moments I now occasionally spend on campus.

I have worked in retail, plumbing, flowers, durable medical equipment and now own my own little quaint yoga studio, while occasionally selling essential oils because I find them interesting. You may think, what a flake, what do any of theses have in common? Quite simple: I love learning. I love products and sharing with others. Its about teaching people, helping them learn about products, making the information understandable and not over someones head. My path may seem random to most, but for me it works.

I am a solid mix of my mother and my father. They taught me to be handy, kind, love people, to thoroughly enjoy a good cocktail or glass of red wine and I sort of look like them. I have one sister, Camden, who is my best friend and we talk pretty much everyday. She is my number one sounding board for all the random ideas that I momentarily think are genius! Cam is always getting me into things; most recently Young Living, but also she helped me find a out I had a huge place in my heart for a group of kids in Nicaragua.

Now that you have read this rambling mess, I should probably let you know I do have my 200 hr certification from Yoga Strong and my 500 hr from Circle Yoga Shala. I also enjoy studying Restorative Yoga and how yoga can be used to heal the body and mind. 

Oh yeah… Namaste!